stripp'd life beauty and the bees botty butter

Beauty & the Bees- Honey and Herb Baby Botty Butter 40mL

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Stripp'd Life
      stripp'd life australian made           stripp'd life cruelty free         stripp'd life non toxic         stripp'd life palm oil free

Hand-crafted in Tasmania, this is the original natural baby botty balm. Melts on contact with baby's skin to soothe and protect against nappy or spit rash. Unscented and enriched with Tasmanian calendula oil and plant butters to allow baby's delicate skin to breathe and heal naturally.

Added bonus- suitable for use on sore/cracked nipples to soothe and reduce inflammation. Safe for baby.

Directions: Smooth onto clean, dry skin between nappy changes, after bath and meal times as required. Massage into creases to ensure full coverage. A little goes a long way. 

Ingredients: Leatherwood beeswax; certified organic (BFA) olive oil; castor oil; wheat germ oil; sesame oil; coconut oil; carrot oil; cocoa butter; Leatherwood honey; Marigold (Calendula officinalis) infused certified organic (BFA) olive oil; Siam benzoin resin.

Handcrafted in Tasmania
100% natural ingredients
Low waste tin packaging
Palm Oil Free

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